411 Phone Lookup

City Digits

City Digits is an informational phone lookup project, aiming to educate the public on city, state, and province-specific caller ID availability and techniques.

All phone numbers in North America consist of the following modules:

  • 3 digit Area code, known more formally as NPA (Numbering Plan Area).
  • 3 digit Central Office Code, or exchange.
  • 4 digit station number, which identifies a specific phone.

You can determine the number's geographic location in a broad sense by looking up the location of Central Office code, but that will not necessarily be where the owner of the phone is. You can also figure out who the original carrier for that number is, but keep in mind that the number could have been ported. To get more specific information, you will need to go one step further with a more in-depth lookup.

We have developed a number of resources to help you gain more insight and learn more about individual numbers. Have a look around our site and find the most useful one for you.